terça-feira, julho 28, 2009

The Arrogants

Não confundir com a banda oi de mesmo nome!

Your Simple Beauty

01. Let You Down
02. Smile Lines
03. Lovesick
04. Costa Rica
05. Will you Notice Me When I'm Gonna
06. Nothing Good Will Come Out This
07. Nothing Good Will Come Out This (Acoustic)
08. Lovesick (Acoustic)

Nobody's Cool EP

01. The Distance Between Us
02. Another Cold Morning
03. The Moment's Gone
04. Feels Like Falling In Love
05. Skyscraper
06. The Incurables
07. Words Apart
08. Why T.A.N.G. Is My Favourite Band
09. Nobody's Cool

You've Always Known to Best Say Goodbye

01. Let You Down Again
02. Antony and Cleopatra
03. It's All a Dream
04. Cool Shoes
05. I Want You
06. I Guess It's My Sweet Time
07. Easy
08. The Distance Between Us
09. Don't Die Before Your Day
10. The Incurables
11. Heroine.
12. People Love Money More Than People
13. Lovesick
14. Another Cold Morning
15. It's All a Dream (nightmare version)
16. Don't Be So Cynical
17. Hardly Perfect But Worth It
18. Sometimes I Think About You
19. I've Seen the Light
20. Wishing Well
21. My Better Half
22. Butterflies
23. Future Classic

Your Simple Beauty EP
Nobody's Cool EP
You've Always Known to Best Say Goodbye