segunda-feira, março 02, 2009

California Oranges

Simpática e menosprezada banda de indiepop da Califórnia. A banda é formada por ex-membros do também excelente e igualmente menosprezado Holiday Flyer, influências de The Cars, Weezer, Joe Jackson, The Smoking Popes segundo a gravadora da banda (Darla).

01.John Hughes
02.Roller King
03.Weekends and Holidays
04.Cross my Heart
05.So Much to Do
06.The Weather
07.Been There, Done That
08.The Doorway
09.I Just Knew

01.Broken Typewriter
02.Never do That Again
03.Any Oyher Day
05.So Many Days
06.Ticket Booths & Turnstiles
07.Cool Breeze
08.Circle Line
09.Come Back Now
10.Get Away

01.Three Orange Tigers
02.Good Luck Charm
03.Run Away
04.Listen Now! Falling Back
05.Next Season
06.Almost Home
07.Racing Here
08.Knives on the Table
09.Keep me Guessing
10.Time You Spend
11.Don't Ask Why

01.Brand New Spine
02.We've Got Time
03.Travel Writer
04.Anywhere USA
05.I Still Hold On
06.Silver Shoes
07.Feel Better
08.Waiting is Slow
09.I Told Grace
10.Matter of Consequence
11.I Won't Let You Back In
12.When i Sleep

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L said...

Wow - Fantastic. I love this band and have not listened to them for a long time. I have heard only one record - very eager to hear more. THANKS.